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Real-Time Medical Data Transfer System

Ambulance Communication & Graphic Design

From the Artist:

“I wanted to show that when medical systems are better integrated, they allow rescue teams to share a common image of the patient every step of the way. To create this piece I explored as much medical and information system iconography as possible. It seemed appropriate to make this poster “quick to grasp,” as this system is about how timeliness can save a life. After some sketching, I thought the “system” should work to create a “picture” of the patient.”

— Thomas Ng

The Science

While medical procedures in ambulances and hospitals have standardized guidelines, the same cannot be said about transferring patient information from ambulances to hospitals. Costa Rican scientists Angie Pamela Marin-Acuna, Melina Jimenez-Porras and Maylin Patricia Valverde-Torres created a new software system for transferring patient information from ambulances to hospitals to minimize human error and provide better care. The software unifies communications in regards to patient transfer and prompt care, and allows any designated person to access the software using a mobile web browser like an iPhone or Android device.

The Artist

Thomas Ng is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY who has been designing for 9 years. After attending the School of Visual Arts Thomas went on to create work that has been featured in the Fresh Profiles section in Communication Arts magazine and the Print Regional Annual in 2010 and 2011.