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Fruit Fly on GMO food

Organic Food & Digital Painting

From the Artist:

“The message that I’d like to be taken from my work is one of caution. A large amount of the foods we eat could be hazardous to our health. After sketching a few thumbnail ideas — all of which included some fruit flies and fruits to illustrate the student’s research — I narrowed it down to one by finding the most compelling composition. I thought getting a very close up shot of the fruit fly in high detail would help grab the viewer’s attention, and then slowly, as their eye moves away from the insect to the rest of the painting, the message would get across.”

—Manuel Guzman


The Science

Student scientist Araw Akram studied the effects of non-organic vs organic foods on the reproductive systems of living organisms. Organic vegetables, fruits and meat are produced without the use of antibiotics, chemical fertilizers, hormones, pesticides, germ-killing radiation or genetic modification. Using fruit flies as the test subject, Araw found that flies that consumed non-organic foods have significantly lower reproductive rates than flies who consumed organic foods.


The Artist

Manuel Guzman is an illustrator and concept artist based in New York City. Guzman attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and has been designing for over 20 years. His work can be seen in “Society of Illustrators”.