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Little Tech Big Heart

Robotic Rescue & Graphic Design

From the Artist:

“I wanted to create something messy that had allot of kinetic energy but was also somewhat quiet and classic. I love old science diagrams and charts from the 60s so I took the piece in that direction.

The vision of a walking medic kit inspired me. There is something both exciting and creepy about walking boxes trying to help you. In our world where a lot of robots are attack drones, it’s inspiring to have healing drones.”

— Duane Bruton

The Science

In past decades, rescue teams sent into the aftermath of disasters such as floods, earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, wars, nuclear accidents, and terrorist attacks have incurred injury and deaths due to smoke, chemical inhalation and unstable environments. Slovakian scientists Jan Matas and Andrej Chudy created a robot that can go into disastrous areas before rescue teams to analyze the environment and send back data via video to help teams prepare for the rescue at hand.

The Artist

Duane Bruton is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Duane has been creating art since he can remember, but he received traditional training at the School of Visual Arts. Duane has directed numerous magazines and projects for various publications and agencies.