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Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plant Classification & Watercolor

From the Artist:

“I based this piece on classic posters of animal kingdoms and plants, and reinterpreted it with medicinal plants. I started with sketches and line drawings of plants after researching classification tables online. I started with small paintings of plants and the idea grew from there. Personally, there is so much to aspire to, be in awe of, and to admire when you think of scientists. What they do and what they are capable of made me want to create something that I was proud of. I don’t have any scientific ability but I can make things look good so that’s what I tried to do.”

— Deanne Cheuk

The Science

Until now a classification system for medicinal plants has been nonexistent, and the information about medicinal medicine can be difficult to find; even for those who work in homeopathy. For those outside the field the lack of a classification system can be confusing and in some circumstances unsafe. Student scientist Andrey Jimenez-Garro from San Jose classified 102 medicinal plants in Costa Rica and established a table that can be used easily by both professionals and laymen. After completion of the study Andrey published the information online for public use.

The Artist

Deanne Cheuk is a watercolor and charcoal painter based in New York City. She received her education at Curtin University in Perth, Australia and has been painting for 21 years. She has been recognized and awarded in the Art Director’s Club, Young Guns, and Print Magazine “20 under 30”.