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Tinnitus Condition & Digital/Paper Collage

From the Artist:

“The innovative discovery to use the sound frequencies of honey bees to cure or bring relief to those affected by Tinnitus (chronic ringing of the ears) is amazing. In this poster I use color in soft spherical shapes to visually and conceptually convey these frequency fields. The bright glow of the colors are calming and eye catching. The use of the iconic honey bees surrounding the human ear evoke a sense of guard, as if they were miniature insectile protectors warding off unpleasant and incessant ringing through the harmony of perfectly tuned frequency.”

— Cardon Webb

The Science

Tinnitus is a condition of ringing in the ears that affects 1 in 5 people in the world. Many people with the condition do not respond to the traditional methods of treatment such as balance tests and medication, and of the people who are treated 90% of them do not see improvement. Student scientist Betul Budun from Turkey researched how bees communicate and found that they send out electrical signals or sound frequencies that when recorded and played back relieve human tinnitus. Betul created Magnetic Resonance Bee Earphones that have no side effects and have been 87% successful in treating patients with tinnitus.

The Artist

Cardon Webb is a graphic designer based in Queens, NY who has been practicing design for 11 years. Cardon attended the School of Visual Arts and his designs for the complete works of Oliver Sacks were included in PRINT magazine’s best book covers of 2011, and his work has won a winning selection at the D&AD 2012 yellow pencil awards.