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Slippery Road

Vehicle Traction & 3D Digital Painting

From the Artist:

“Sometimes driving on an icy road might feel like being on a roller coaster ride, but it is very hard to stay on track. To capture the feeling of being out of control I started by doing some fast brush strokes from side to side and in the process I created something road-like. I wanted to find a good way to catch the movement and turn it into a sketchy road with some dangerous curves. After hand drawing the sketches I brought the analog brush strokes into a three-dimensional computer-based environment.”

— Santtu Mustonen


The Science

Every year thousands of car accidents happen because of loss of traction due to snow, ice or standing water. Kyle Saleeby, a student scientist from Florida created a novel way to stop a car from sliding that could potentially avoid accidents all over the world. By building a device that works much like a rudder, Kyle was able to stop a car from sliding by attaching it to the bottom of a car and deploying manually or automatically in a slide.


The Artist

Santtu Mustonen lives in New York City where he specializes in illustration. He has been practicing art his whole life but received traditional training at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland. He works in both tangible and digital mediums and has collaborated with various prominent artists in New York City.